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Why Domain 6?

With years of real estate industry experience, talented professionals, and innovative technology, Domain 6 delivers excellent digital transformation solutions for property owners and managers as well as brokerage firms.

The team at Domain 6 has been working with and supporting technology selection and adoption in the real estate industry for over 20 years. We deliver a wealth of knowledge and best practices, we invest in a collaborative culture and we welcome partnerships to ensure that we deliver the best talent for the right job. Our team is structured to support the client from the time they select our solutions up until they transform their business. We have successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics for over 100 customers, and would love to help your business as well.

We use Microsoft products because we believe in Microsoft’s vision for the future of technology — a future that empowers people to do more. Microsoft not only offers productivity and communication solutions, but also invests over $9 billion in research and development for their cloud and digital platforms. This makes Microsoft the most qualified source of tools and technologies hosted on secure data centers, giving its partners and their clients the reliable technology and innovation they need to deliver digital and smart solutions.